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EACH 5 lb bag of Sawdust Spawn is guaranteed to be viable and free from contaminations.  Ready to transfer to bulk substrate shortly after it's arrival or keep refrigerated (36F or above) for several weeks or more until you are ready to use it.

Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery
(depending on strain)

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16 strains to choose from and growing!
Strain : A - M
Strain : P - Z

Note: Live Spawn are acceptable to extreme temperatures.  Please allow longer delivery then normal if temperatures exceed 90f or lower then 30f.  All Spawn will be shipped on Mondays during these harsh temperature conditions.  All Sawdust Spawn are created in a lab under very sterile conditions.  

Want to learn to Grow Mushrooms?
Purchase the 2 Set DVD: Lets Grow Mushrooms!

Let's Grow Mushrooms!
2 Set DVD

'Let's Grow Mushrooms' is a 2 set DVD video on mushroom cultivation giving clear, concise and easy to follow instructions to help you get started growing mushrooms in the privacy of your own home while avoiding many common mistakes. 

Learn to:  Preparation of Substrate, Agar and Petri dish work, creating Master Culture Slants, Straw Pasteurization, Mushroom Cloning, Creating Spore Prints (seeds) as well as creating your own Spore Syringes and much...much more. 

Let's Grow Mushrooms DVD will also teach you how to clone mushroom tissue!  Clone your own projects or from edible, psychoactive or medicinal mushrooms you pick in the wild!

Let's Grow Mushrooms
2 Set DVD

Low resolution example: 
Preparation of Straw

Video Sample
Please note that purchased videos will be full screen NTSC broadcast TV resolution and will not have the obnoxious RR Video watermark that is pasted on these free sample downloads featuring short takes from the DVD set.