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Canada Mushroom Growing Workshop is the first of its kind!  Teaching you the best techniques for growing personal gourmet mushrooms...THE POOR BOYS WAY!

Learn from the poor boy 'Master Grower' himself...

"I have always been fascinated with growing mushrooms.  But, unlike you, I had no one to teach me the ends-and-outs of indoor/outdoor mushroom growing.  So I went on a mission to learn to grow mushrooms inside my once small apartment.  I wasn't out to create some grandeur in-home business but to learn to grow enough to feed my family and maybe a few friends along the way.  Let me be the first to tell you that I screwed-up soooo many times!  Things I thought would be GREAT wound up being a complete disaster and a waist of time.

Well, 20 years later I can grow mushroom from recycled material, sawdust, straw and from what most people consider to be trash!  Grow Oyster mushrooms off of recycled coffee/drink trays.  I can take a handful of bird seed and grow 50 lbs of mushrooms if I wanted.  I can go to the store and pick out some tasty mushrooms and clone them before sautéing for our dinner.

I am going to save you years of screw-ups and hair pulling.  Save you wasted time and money.  I will teach you the absolute poorest way to grow mushrooms...for years to come!

I am offering Summer courses starting the summer of 2011...

Note:  So you get the most out of the workshops we are only allowing 5 people per workshop.  So if you have a friend joining you...join together!

Mushroom Building 101
Morning 9AM-12PM
(Saturday Morning)
You're not going to get very far if you don't have the right equipment. 

Mushroom Building 101 will teach you how to make VERY INEXPENSIVE items that will be accentual to a successful home growing, and self efficient,  mushroom growing adventure!

Here are some things your will be learning in Course 101 (Mushroom Building)

Building a Glove Box
Building an Incubator
Inexpensive Growing Chambers
Cheap Materials (low or no cost)
Drying Chambers (got to be able to store them!)
Pressure Cooker - Gotta have one...damn it!
 (Take with you for cost of equipment or recreate it at home)

Mushroom Growing 102
Afternoon 1 until 5~6 PM
(Saturday afternoon)
So you got all of your equipment ready and warmed up? 

You will learn HANDS ON with the Master Grower...The Mushroom Man!
Interact with the master himself during a 2 hour (give or take) live course.

Agar Cooking / Pouring
Create Spore/Mycelium Agar Plates
Preparing Grain for Master Spawn
Inoculation: Agar Mycelium, Syringes and Mycelium Syringes
Incubation time!
Create more SPAWN! (quick and easy expansion)
Growing Containers
Prepare your balk substrate (Straw/Casing)

Included with Saturdays Workshop 101 & 102 are 5 Cultures that you will create & take home!
White Oyster - Pleurotus ostreatus
Blue Oyster - Pleurotus columbinus
"Reishi" / "Ling Chi" - Ganoderma lucidum
Shiitake - Lentinula edodes
Maitake "Hen of the Woods" - Grifola frondosa
$225.00 Value!

DVD - This is a DVD includes much of what you will learn so you will always have a point of reference.
$49.95 Value!

YOU MUST BRING WITH YOU: Growing Gourmet & Medicinal Mushrooms text book.
(You may purchase it for $44.95 CND at the workshop)

Mushroom Techniques 103
Advance Course
Morning 10 AM-3 PM (Sunday)
(Course 101 & 102 must be completed exceptions)
(This class will always follow a 101 & 102)

Ready to get serious!
Lets step it up!

Learn some of the more exciting features of mushrooms growing!


Storing of your best strains
Creating Spore Prints and Syringes
Create your own LIVE liquid mycelium!
Create Wood Plugs for OUTDOOR GROWING!
(hidden patches...for your eyes only)
Much, much more!

You will also be leaving with the following
You will go home with 5 additional strains of liquid mycelium or live culture!
Blewit - Lepista nuda
Chicken of the Woods - Polyporus sulphureus
King Stropharia- Stropharia rugoso-annulata
Lion's Mane - Hericium erinaceus
Turkey Tail - Trametes versicolor
$225.00 Value!
Registration must be reconfirmed two weeks prior to workshop.

Please note: In order to eliminate last-minute cancellations we are forced to implement a policy: 
50% of the tuition for the Mushroom Patch Workshop is non-refundable.

Saturday Workshop Tuition: $495.95 CND

Advance Sunday Workshop: $495.95
(MUST COMPLETE Saturday workshop)

Required textbooks: Growing Gourmet & Medicinal Mushrooms
(purchase for $44.95 CND at the workshop)

Pay for both workshop at once and receive your "Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushroom" book FREE!
$45.00 Value!
That is a total of $545.00 of merchandise!

Registration is on a first-come basis.
Food and lodging are not included (continental breakfast, lunch, coffee and other beverages will be provided both days).

These informational intense courses are taught personally by Michael Chancey (owner of the Mushroom Patch).

A detailed information packet will be sent upon registering.

Note that we are located in Canada, about 90 minutes above Detroit Michigan.  So...if you are coming from the States make sure you have your passport!


Email: Mushroom Patch Workshop