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Ready Made
Mushroom Grow Kits
  Mushroom Cultures
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Varieties of 'Ready To Grow' mushroom kits!  Unique and exotic mushrooms from around the globe.  Just add water and watch them grow...over and over again!   Ready to start growing...from scratch?!?!?!

We have a wide variety of mushrooms prints, syringes, cultures and liquid mycelium.


Mushroom Lab Equipment! Mushroom Growing Workshop Outdoor Mushroom Plugs  
Mushroom Growing Workshop Course
Ready to build your own Mushroom Lab?  Flow hood, Petri Dishes, Agar agar!

 Everything you need to grow mushrooms...the right way!
Personal ONE-ON-ONE mushroom growing workshop for you and a friend. 
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Like to have a few 'hidden' mushroom patches you can call your own?

Grow Shiitake, Oysters, Maitake and many more varieties with our MUSHROOM PLUGS!

There's a lot to see and even more to learn.
So strap on your mushroom cap and lets grow some mushrooms!