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Psilocybin Mushroom Handbook:
Easy Indoor and Outdoor Cultivation (Paperback)

by L. G Nicholas, Kerry Ogame

This well-illustrated book allows anyone with common sense, a clean kitchen, and a closet shelf to grow bumper crops of mushrooms. Besides step-by-step guides to cultivating four species of psilocybin-containing mushrooms, the book offers a wealth of additional information, including an introduction to mushroom biology, a resource guide for supplies, advice on discreetly integrating psychedelic mushrooms into outdoor gardens, and insights into the traditional use of psilocybin's in sacred medicine. Also included are appendices with a summary of all included recipes.


Growing Gourmet & Medicinal MushroomsGrowing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms!
By Paul Stamets.

Expanded to 592 pages and more than 500 photographs and diagrams, this fully updated edition of the internationally acclaimed mushroom grower's guide adds 6 more mushroom species to the 25 species already described. Advanced cultivation techniques for Agaricus blazei, Pleurotus tuberregium, Sparassis crispa, Trametes versicolor, Tremella fuciformis and Agaricus brunnescens ("Portobello") mushrooms are have been added to the Third Edition. This book covers in detail state-of-the-art commercial cultivation techniques, liquid culture inoculation methods, mycological landscaping, growing room and lab designs, troubleshooting and more. Commonly referred to as "The New Testament" by amateur and professional mycologists alike. The best book on mushroom cultivation just keeps getting better!




The Mushroom Cultivator
By Paul Stamets and J.S. Chilton.

This book details the cultivation of 16 edible (including the Button/Portobello mushrooms) and psychoactive species and control measures for 40 genera of contaminants. 415 pages, with 249 black and white photographs, diagrams and scanning electron micrographs, this book is highly reviewed and used throughout the world as a mycological textbook. Known throughout the world as "The Grower's Bible."



The Psilocybin Production: Producing Organic Psilocybin in a Small RoomThe Psilocybin Production: Producing Organic Psilocybin in a Small Room

Most concise, readable book on the art of extracting psilocybin from magic mushrooms. Includes closet production and explains small and large scale production. How to locate magic mushrooms, develop stock for inoculation, cultivate, harvest, and dry 'shrooms. Explains how mycelium can be grown in inexpensive jars and methods of extracting and using existing cultures to seed new one to create an ongoing farm yielding a regular crop of hallucinogenic mycelium. Suppliers.

by Adam Gottlieb, Larry Todd (Illustrator)



Psilocybin: Magic Mushroom Grower's Guide: Psilocybin: Magic Mushroom Grower's Guide:
A Handbook for Psilocybin Enthusiasts

By O. T. Oss, O. N. Oeric

Times have changed and methods have gotten about a hundred times easier than is presented in this book. Never-the-less I still hold my own original printing copy of this book dear to my heart.